Charlie Daniels' Twin Pine Ranch

Ranching The Western Way For Over 30 Years!


Please be advised that Twin Pines Ranch is a working ranch. 
Livestock are shown by appointment only and there are no tours available to the public.


DH Domino 775 is the foundation sire for our Twin Pines Horned Herefords.

DH Advance 370A

DH Advance 370A was introduced to our Horned Hereford cows out of our DH Domino 775 bull. The Domino females were bred to a leased Corriente Bull for their first calf to ensure easy calving. Their next calves will be all Horned Herefords by DH Advance 370A.


Most of our initial breeding stock Horned Hereford females were purchased from Burns Farms near Pikeville, Tennessee. Twin Pines Charlie 152 calved January 13, 2016 out of DH Domino 775 and BF 450 Markette 7170. Photos were made April 9, 2016.

Twin Pines Domino 1510

Twin Pines Domino 1510 calved on April 22, 2015. His sire is DH Domino 775 and his dam is BF 1185 Courtney 6149. Photo was made on April 9, 2016.

Twin Pines Domino 1514

Twin Pines Domino 1514 calved on May 18, 2016. His sire is DH Domino 775 and his dam is BF Sophie 0137. Photo was made April 9, 2016.


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